From the desk of Editor

The blog on Law, Public Policy and Governance is meant to create cross-disciplinary space for a democratic dialogue on critical issues of contemporary concern on board. The knowledge domain mentioned above has had potential to explore umpteen themes in its coverage provided the connectivity with good governance stands substantiated with reasoning. Intent behind the same lies in our institutional effort to create caucus from within the cacophony around vis-à-vis law, public policy and good governance. Invitation is extended to all members of the bench and bar, professors, independent researchers and other public intellectuals to submit their works, albeit, in consonance with the blog policy, to take our academic forum on board to fruition.

The blog is limited to academic dialogue alone; yet unlimited to one and all across the social studies scholarship; irrespective of disciplinary divides. The blog maintains the principle of equal opportunity to author- with and without law background- alike; provided the piece clears the quality check.

Dr. Debasis Poddar

Professor, NLUJAA.